Professional development

we work with more than 350 super specialized centers in different continents and countries like India, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Iran and other countries
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Professional development and medical professional education locally by organizing CMEs, or conferences and organizing on the job training for different professionals. Also by sending health professionals abroad for different fully registered or short-term courses in recognized medical colleges at different levels including special nursing course, masters courses, specialties in medicine and subspecialty training and also special crash courses like skills training in surgery including laparoscopic, vascular, robotic, endoscopies, interventional radiology and different observer ship courses

  • Forming a partnership between local and international health-related companies to help local companies develop better service and professionals.
  • Evaluation by specialist or subspecialist for the best possible treatment option locally or internationally
  • Selection of international hospitals of specific specialty for the medical service and getting offer
  • Informed discussion with the patient for better options and choosing the center for treatment based on quality desired outcome and cost
  • Visa and transport arrangement with additional support.
  • Arrangement of post-treatment follow-up in the country by specific specialists and sub specialists.